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About copmany

LLC “DAXI” is a stable and dynamic company, which produces and sells roasted sunflower seeds under the brand DAXI. We are committed to the continued expansion of our product portfolio to best meet the desires and needs of our customers.

Production process

The production process at the company, “DAXI” is fully automated, using high-tech equipment, which contributes to stable high quality products and differentiates our brand from the competition.

We have developed a special technique roasting, processing and packing of seed. One of the high-tech innovations packing seeds – is a method of using a multi-stage cleaning sunflower seeds.

The production uses only high quality raw materials of confectionery sunflower varieties grown only in the central and southern regions of Ukraine.

The company employs more than 50 people – highly qualified professionals.

Products and coating

Achieved by this time the results confirmed that the choice of market strategy and tactical direction of LLC “DAXI” are correct. Even today, the products of our company has found its customers in more than 30 cities of Ukraine.

Today the company develops export markets in Europe, Asia and other foreign countries!

With the production of the company “DAXI” rest assured that it is tasty and healthy product, manufactured on a fully automated equipment that has passed strict quality control at all stages of production.

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The company «DAXI» directly interested in the long-term and reliable partnership, therefore adheres to the following principles of cooperation: We are going to partner together and working together, rather than each on its own. Only in this way we will be able to earn more.

So, if we start, it is a long time and seriously in more detail on cooperation can be read on the page Partners