The company «DAXI» directly interested in the long-term and reliable partnership, therefore adheres to the following principles of cooperation: We are going to partner together and working together, rather than each on its own. Only in this way we will be able to earn more.

Therefore, if we begin, it is a long time and seriously

collaboration with partners PROVIDES:

 1. Payment of premium bonuses </ strong> (depends on the status of and trafficking in partner)
Bonuses Bonuses are sent to the Development Fund partner (payment of bonuses for implementing the plans of sales, payment, or an exclusive focus command)

2. Advertising – marketing support partner

Budget advertising – marketing support of a partner and the prospective plan of activities that directly depend on the following factors: the status of the partner, the partner turnover, total sales dynamics.

Marketing activities are developed and implemented by “Ducks” in cooperation with a partner on a scheduled basis, or with the advice binding partner.

1. Incentive Program partner sales representatives

2. Incentive Program active partner outlets

3. The program of measures to promote demand (firm installation of commercial equipment, POS sales, placement of POS – materials)

4. Conduct Sampling at retail outlets Partner

5. Training program sales staff partner (technology sales, merchandising, etc.)

6. Vehicle branding partner

7. Active support partners through outdoor advertising (branding of urban transport, advertising on billboards, etc.)

8. Active support through advertising in the media (television, radio, print media)

Advertising – Marketing support and an estimated budget must take into account the impact of various external and internal factors (seasonality, the impact of competition, the dynamics of sales, etc.).

Therefore, in order to increase efficiency, the company “DAXI” urges partner: program development activities FOSSTIS, its approval, the subsequent coordination and control over its implementation to carry out together, on a scheduled basis!

At the signing of the cooperation agreement, the model of joint planning and timing are discussed separately.